1.       After filling out the contact form, how long will it be before you contact me?

During working hours (Mon - Fri 9am to 5PM), we will endeavour to contact you within 30 minutes after receipt of your contact form.

2.       Do MV Utilities receive commission for transferring my account to a new supplier?

Sometimes we do, but not always.

3.       How long has MV Utilities been helping customers make the correct choice?

We have helped tens of thousands of customers over the last 10 years.

4.       What happens when I agree to a contract?

During working hours (Mon - Fri 9am to 5PM), we will endeavour to contact you within 30 minutes after receipt of your contact form.

5.       What happens if my current supplier objects?

If we receive an objection from your current supplier it could mean that they think you are still in contract. Our objections team will contact you and help resolve the objection.

6.       Why do you need a Letter of Authority (LOA)?

This allows us to act on your behalf by talking to your current supplier and checking that everything is in place for the changeover. Your LOA will only be kept on file by us for the duration of your contract, then it will be securely disposed of.

7.       What happens when my contract is ready for renewal?

One of the team will call you and discuss what options are appropriate; to stay with your current supplier or move to a new supplier.

8.       Why choose MV Utilities?

We have been trading longer than most; the management team have been involved with utilities since deregulation in 1998 and therefore have a wealth of experience to offer you.

9.       Why do you need to see my bill?

A bill tells us nearly everything we need to know; your contract end date, your consumption, billing address, VAT% and much more. Having a bill increases the percentage chance of the changeover happening on time.

10.       Is there anything I need to do after agreeing a contract?

If it is required that you need to send a letter of cancellation to your current supplier, we will send you everything you need to do that, including a pre-paid envelope. It is important we lodge this as soon as possible.

11.       Does MV Utilities have a Code of Practice?

We adhere to all UK legislation, including a robust data protection policy and complaints procedure and OFGEM regulations. We are also members of the Utilities Intermediaries Association.

Our Code of Conduct points out

A. Honesty

MV Utilities will identify themselves, the services being offered and any

Organisations we represent (directly and indirectly) clearly at the start of any interaction with a you the customer

B. Respect

We will at all times respect the consumer’s wishes and should cease the current contact and avoid future contact if the customer requests

C. Accuracy

MV Utilities will make the customer aware of how much of the market you searched to obtain the offers you propose to them and ensure all offers are accurately presented

D. Transparency

Before obtaining the customers agreement to the contract, we will make the customer aware of all principal terms of the energy contract, including the services you provide and how the customer will pay (directly or indirectly) for those services.

E. Customer-focused

We will record and investigate all complaints fully and act quickly to put things right when you make a mistake.

F. Professionalism

We ensure all staff are adequately trained for dealing with customers and adhere to these principles

G. Complaints Procedure

MV Utilities take any complaints seriously and have a full time compliance team to make sure our agents are carrying out our business in a correct manner. If you have any grievance about any aspect of the process Email compliance@mvutilities.co.uk and we will investigate and respond within 4 hours during working hours (Monday – Friday 9am – 5.30pm)

We are also fully compliant with the EON TPI Code of Practice. The TPI Code of Practice is a set of standards that sets the benchmark for responsible, high quality TPI’s acting as intermediaries between micro-business customers and suppliers.

12.       What if I dont feel my complaint has been sufficiently resolved by MV Utilities?

In this case you would need to contact the energy ombudsman OFGEM. Their complaints prodedure is highlighted on their website. https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/. If your complaint is specific to an EON contract you can contact the EON TPI Code Manager. http://www.tpicodeofpractice.co.uk/

13. What do MV Utilities do with my data?

Your data will be used and retained in order to facilitiate your new electricity contract with your preferred supplier. Your data will never be passed onto third parites apart from those necessary to facilitate your new contract. I.e. The Supplier. We will retain your data for the duration of your contract plus 12 months before disposing of this securely